The Space Policy Show

Ep. 121: Cyber Defense for Space

August 09, 2023 The Aerospace Corporation Episode 121
The Space Policy Show
Ep. 121: Cyber Defense for Space
Show Notes

Is cybersecurity the Achilles heel of all our space services? What are national and international strategic approaches that could be taken? Is there room for a “good enough for now” minimum standard, or a government agency to manage risk in the cyber domain? This episode highlights this and more with Aerospace experts Samuel Visner (Aerospace Technical Fellow and Vice Chair, Space ISAC) and Dr Kimberly King (Senior Cyber Engineer) as they talk to Lori Gordon (CSPS Partner and Office of Corporate Chief Engineer). 

This episode is part of a CSPS series on Contested Space. This series will cover a range of foundational topics impacting the protection of the space domain in order to maintain freedom of action for all space actors.

Additional topics will include:

  • Strategy and doctrine w/ Lt. Gen. DeAnna Burt, USSF
  • History of strategy
  • How things work in space
  • Workforce of the future
  • Commercial space

The Space Policy Show is produced by The Aerospace Corporation’s Center for Space Policy and Strategy. It is a virtual series covering a broad set of topics that span across the space enterprise. CSPS brings together experts from within Aerospace, the government, academia, business, nonprofits, and the national labs. The show and their podcasts are an opportunity to learn about and to stay engaged with the larger space policy community.
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