The Space Policy Show

E106- Guiding the Future of Spaceflight Safety

October 21, 2022 The Aerospace Corporation Episode 106
The Space Policy Show
E106- Guiding the Future of Spaceflight Safety
Show Notes

More traffic on the road means more rules to protect drivers – the same is true for the space domain.  With more actors, larger constellations, and expanding human space flight – there needs to be greater attention to safety in space if we are to continue reaping benefits from space.  The Aerospace Corporation’s Space Safety Institute has issued a collection of research and writings that encompass: space situational awareness, launch and reenty, cyber security and spectrum allocation, and human space flight.  This episode features experts Samira Patel and Dr Josef Koller discussing the Space Safety Compendium, and special appearances from our deeply knowledgeable Aerospace experts. 

Contributing Aerospace Experts:
Uma Bruegman
Space Safety Institute, Lead
Asst GM, Civil Systems Group

Marlon Sorge
Technical Fellow
Space Innovations Directorate

Lori Gordon
Systems Director
Corporation Chief Engineers Office

Rob Unverzagt
Principal Director
Launch Systems Division

Dr Angie Bukley
Technical Fellow
Center for Space Policy & Strategy

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